The Jordanian Regime is Collapsing But Trying In Vain To Survive

The Jordanian Regime is Collapsing But  Trying In Vain To Survive

The Jorgangian regime ( actually a Hashmite Mandate) in order to get rid of his crimes that Tayseer Nazmi and his family were subjected to , during the last 19 years and even in Kuwait , he (The Mandate) tried in the last months to assassinate him by multiple approaches but failed then the secret police attempted to fuel people with rumors about him accusing him with; being communist sometimes or Israeli dealer, or a drunk man etc. and at last a Jew . Aiming at being not responsible of him as a teacher of English and a writer + an editor who is really going on a strike of his own calling for not only political reforms but bringing to courts those that he know most of them as criminals and practicing corruption in every field of the daily life in Amman and Zarqa + other Jordanian towns and villages. Jordan is in need of international donations and it wants to sale Tayseer Nazmi wheather to the U.S.A. or to Israel, since he is a very prominent Palestinian writer and a left - pro-Trotsky- trends and the founder of Originality Movement. Moreover, the Jordanian Intellectuals do not like him more than 20 years ago because he is also a well known Arab critic and had issued about 5 books in print and more than four other books on the internet. The most dehumanization and violations of human rights that can be committed in history the regime of Jordan is committing nowadays.


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