Chat Room 50's - By Tayseer Nazmi - Multilingual play

Chat Room 50’s A Multilingual Play By: Tayseer Nazmi

Chat Room 50’s
A Multilingual Play
By: Tayseer Nazmi
Zorba enters chat room 50’s
Zorba: Fairuz says: Ya Jabal Lebeeeeeeeeeed Khalfak Habayebna …(music) hey folk Hi all of you 69 Hi all 67 users (image of beer) Cheers those Wanna drink, dance, (music) who wanna dance ,fun who wanna Laugh, just discovered that I sent a passionate email of pure hot Love with very emotional and 6ual expressions to a lady who chatted 6ually also with me yesterday and sent me a reply message today saying just “ I AM A MAN “ I on my turn replied : And I am SORRY “ hehehe. Again I assure you that I am still A MAN 49 years old. You can make sure of that by referring to my profile in which you’ll see my smiling face and a second pic, which shows a wanted face to the FBI I am afraid. Hehehe dadadadad didi dododidi music am dancing.woooooo
Greeneyesgirl: Bad zorba. Never talk to me.
Gina 39: Hello zorba, it seems that u r not from USA
Hellen 27: Hi Zorba my no English bad
Greeneyesgirl logged off chatting and has been removed from the server.
Trudi: users here r only 10 not 67 zzzzzzzzzz
Zorba: Gina how did you know am not from your country ? Hi Hellen, no problem if you don’t know English you can parles French ( a smile)
Gina 39: From your sentences structure lol
Hellen 27: No French thanks. From where?
Zorba: Hi Trudi, sorry thought I were in main roooooom, Hi ten days :} Aman Hellen and you ?
Hellen 27: female 27 from Russia. From where Zorba?
Zorba: Gina I thought you knew from the name of zorba !
Irena leaves room and enters room 40
Snuffi: Zooorbaaa the best friend. Don’t forget I AM A Male from Germany
Wanna send me a copy of that love message heheheheheh
Gina 39 : So u r from Greece zorba :}
Zorba: Jordan Amman, Hi Snuffi (image of a glass of beer) cheers good friend. 
Sexyman leaves room and enters room 30
Gina 39 : where is that ? which state?
Hellen 27 : (image)
Zorba: (image) dance friends and forget the mess of typing and languages. To be
honest, I really still don’t know from what ethnic group I am or care from where ?
Hellen 27 : Russian ?
Wolf leaves room and enters room 20
Gina 39 : Female from California, Sacramento. I thought I was about to visit the Greek islands
Zorba: Hellen I like the Russians, comrade, SPASEEPA Eya Shesleeve
Leila: ………………..
Zorba: Think I read your profile countrygirl Gina 39 of the Spanish paradise of a novel by a Spanish writer who called paradise California in that novel.(before California named like that) I am from paradise lost gina.
Snuffi: Zorba, How is Nickos Kazantszaki with you those days of summit?
Zorba: Hi Leila, your name sounds Arabic, am I wrong about your origin? Snuffi, Nickos refused to join or attend the Arab SUMMIT. He kept Dancing for two days on the occasion of the international day for theatre.
Leila: from Istanbul / Turkey
Zorba: I still can take u with me to Crete and Santorini GINA, though from Jordan till now. Leila cuk guzal ve hepsi arkadaslar burda.Gel tatli giz Ben Turkce bir az bilirim , kunusabilirsin daha iyidir.
Zorba: what about a SACRA gina :} Lol @ gina sacra cal ( a smile) did Strutter
Discover you also or me who found your profile gina ?
Gina 39 : Who’s that Stutter you mean ?
Zorba: the 1st. one to discover gold in California I think, but I discovered Gina:   :}
Trudi: I read your profile zorba. I had been to your country. Amman is a beautiful
Capital, though you like Greece more ( a smile)
Hellen: bye
Zorba: hey Hellen, wait
Zorba: email me please / at Yahoo also OK ?
Ninna enters room 50 and leaves to room 40.
Zorba: ty Tru, Since I am Palestinian by origin. My ancient ancestors lived in Crete of the philistines since 1700 B.C. Even before Crete became Greek And even before Nicos was born there, even before Plato and Aristotle, And sure before the poetics had been written, even before theatre or demo Cracy were established in Athens , Do you hear me golden gina ?
Gina 39 : Seems you r a writer zor, I am an agriculture writer dear :}
Hellen : Thanks you my got you email Zorba.
Hellen logged off chat and her name has been removed from the server.
Leila: sizing email aldim ve benim defterda yazdim Zorba,
Snuffi: wr did u learn Turkish Zorba ?
Zorba: In Istanbul Snuffi , Tahsil icin orda gettim sonra filistiniyim oldum. Tib facultesi olmaz cunku bir buyuk katib oluragaim. Very sorry Gina, Ya am a writer + oppressed, depressed editor, journalist and columnist + Critic +bla bla and agrialallah short story writer.Lol@agri culture
Snuffi: Nicin Nickos kabuletmez ?
Zorba: Cunku onlar Arab yok.Kanaanian civilization on their land before it beard its name created the first alphabet for all the coming civilizations. They were civilized enough to accept refugees from Crete after the latter’s civilization was destroyed there by the attackers who reached it from the north. Both civilized enough to co-operate with each other and finally to melt in one nation through many centuries and generations. Think this happened to be even before Judaism ,Christianity and Islam. Simdi nobody knows what all the dispute all about, and even arabs bilmiyorlar Onun lisan properly. So, Nickos will be lost in such a dilemma dear.
Leila: Kim ??
Zorba: Arab SUMMIT means الصمت العربي Leila so that you are not lost, it is all about history of humanities and politics, that means kunusma nowadays in Arabia.
Snuffi: dance Zorba and keep dancing more friend.
Gina 39 : dance zorba dance better than before.
Zorba:already doing that since experienced jail here after leaving Kuwait. There I used to live from 1959 up to 1992 then I discovered In 96 only how great to be an actor of permanent theatre on the ground and a dancer of pure art at night. You can sleep deeply after such an effort. So. Y not accepting my invitation most of u to attend AmMan FesTival ?
Gina 39 : Music festival ?
Zorba: ya of course Gina, + theatrical performances on stage.
Kallie:Where’s Amman ?
Zorba: In Jordan.
Kallie: Where’s Jordan ?
Zorba: In Am man he he, kidding, in mideast sometimes (a smile)
Snuffi: a member of UN as Zorba says.
Gina 39 : Do you live there zorb
Zorba: ya gina zor live there better than to live in zo, in one rented room with no sun or son to reach, underground a poor building in a wealthy area
Gina 39 : Wt u mean zor ?
Zorba: I mean living hopeless, jobless, as the only survivor of a writers hunger Strikers who is still unemployed while colleagues are running to their jobs. Their wives, and their children and salaries.
Gina 39 : What you mean ?
Zorba: homeless.
Trudi: Iz it really Amman you mean where you are homeless ?
Zorba: itz umman t tease amman I live Tru
Gina 39 : Spelling mistakes zorba u got tired ?
Zorba: Sorry not tease Amman but tease me that Aman
Gina 39 : u mean u live to tease or…. Blabla
Trudi: He may mean that he is Amman, this is philosophy anyhow.
Kallie: No, Zorba wanna say that he is A man not a lady or blabla
Zorba: Sorry, tease Amman means tease Amman no less no more. Just BIG Tease that all my living in the capital.
Kallie: Which capital you mean ?
Leila: Hey stop it ((shy)) cuz I know some Arabce bu cuk pic Zorba if u
mean it the way I got it.
Zorba: Unliyormusunuz Leila ? didn’t talk about your cuz here ! unladinmi ? So take Care just of your cuz here or dare say what you mean u understood. Since you know well what the word PEACE means in your lingo.
Kallie: wt r u talking about, getting boring if my head still my head on my shoulders
Zorba: cool many Kallie , we didn’t speak Arabic yet.Kallie Many.
Gina 39 : Hey folk, let’s know when your Fes Starts before, with, or after the Arab
Summit in Um man, mean Amman, sorry.
Zorba: Help Snuffi,
Zorba: of course after. Itz supposed to be held on March 27th the same day the whole World celebrates the international day for theatre, but it happened that the Arab leaders found themselves suit as actors therefore they started their Fes. First and occupied the whole stage.
Kallie: What horrible mistakes you make writers, Israel is occupying the west bank
not the Arabs, Moreover what reminds you now of Fas .
Snuffi: What are you talking about Kallie ?
Gina 39 : Festival of Amman for theater Snuffi.
Trudi: It is mentioned in your profile Zorba that it will start the fourth of April. But when it ends ?
Zorba: Our Fes will last eleven days just short cuz Arab SUMMIT
Leila: Allah ismarladik , I may say bye to all friends here, take care Zorba I understand you well. Have a nice night.
Zorba: Hey wait, what knight u mean ? Kidding, gulaigulai. Bye Leil
Leila logged off and her name has been removed from server.
Zorba: Our fes. duration is from Ap 4th to Ap 14th.
Ninna enters room 50
Gina 39 : Hi Ninna
Ninna: Hello gigi what’s up?
Snuffi: Zorba J
Ninna: Zoooooooooooooorba the Greek ? wooooo
Zorba: Hi Ninna
Ninna: dancing with whom Zobra ????
Zorba: Zobra or Zebra or Zorba u wanna take Ninna ?
Gina 39 : what time itz amman ?
Zorba: A man Ya rabbi a man ((music))) after midnight but not sure gina
Ninna: Lol@midnight + zorb any name of you suits:}
Gina 39 : Time difference may make u tired Zorba
Zorba: Actually there is no time difference unless you have a job you have to wake up to. Or a son to send to school, or a sun that enters your window in the morning that makes you feel the difference between day and night, and the difference between leil and knight and so on. Unfortunately I don’t have any of these .
Ninna: Oh dear wt u mean zob ?
Zorba: only exile
Gina 39 : Oh dear it’s time to run for school to bring my son. Hugs for all. Bye 
Ninna: bye Gina
Trudi: Lol, Gina take care.
Snuffi: Bye Gina have a nice day.
Trudi: me also, must be back at work. Bye all friends, see u later.
Gina logged off and her name has been removed from the server.
Trudi logged off and her name has been removed from the server.
Zorba: bye Gina bye Tru
Ninna: Dance Zebra dance
Snuffi: I know you know they know ((( a glass of beer))) cheers friend I have to leave also, bye Zorba, bye Kallie,bye Ninna
Zorba: take care Snuffi, have a nice time.
Ninna: bbl
Snuffi logged off and his name has been removed from the server
Ninna leaves room 50 and enters room 30
Zorba: b
Sunlightlady enters room 50
Sunlightlady: Hi roomers
Zorba: hi
Sunlightlady: m/f ?
Sunlightlady: From where r u Zorba ?
Zorba: from Jabal Lebeeed
Sunlightlady: where’s that ?
Zorba:honestly I stopped to no
Sunlightlady: 2far from Penn ?
Zorba: Hey Kallie do u no Pen were located ?
Sunlightlady: who is Khallie ?
Zorba: She may be asleep ?
Sunlightlady: Here ?
Zorba: what u suppose her t sleep in/at/on/over/for/behind/around Sunlight ??
Sunlightlady:u r tired Z ? R u f/m??
Zorba: what difference should it make for a stranger ?
Sunlightlady: Ok Z, see u later, bye
Sunlightlady leaves room 50 and enters room 20.
Zorba: L
Zorba: Music
Zorba: where are you t_nazmi ? at yahoo ? hotmail ? Go ? J ????????
Zorba: who is hidden overthere hey Kallie u hear me there ?
Zorba: Where R U from T.N. ? I am from Crete ! Still alive like a remote
Mountain which hides behind our veloved ones ? Hi Santorini Hi
Fairuz hi Mark Twain ,John Steinbek, Henry Miller, Himingway,
Rambooooooooooo.Mrs. More, E.M.Foster. Virginia Wolf, anybody
Wanna chat ???? hi my soul wr R U buried right now ?? Near to the
ministry of culture ? Or Jabryalallah, Ya J 

Chat Room 50’s (part 2)

(2 months later)

Be Matched Room

Helen: Hi Zorba u seem silent today J
Zorba: ty Helen. Better t be silent.
Helen: Y ? u were always active and optimistic.
Zorba: Since I knew Opti Miss Tech.
 Helen: Who’s that ?
Zorba: A girl from this world, with no word. Option +Miss+Tech = Optimistic

Helen:Oh my god, she shouldn’t affect you like this.
Zorba: But it is life like, every human being wants it full option and every woman wants to be called Miss not Mrs. Forever. And every one likes the best tech. in the world in a cheap price. So, I stopped to be opti miss tic. The woman who briefed all this in a one-year relationship left me abroad.
Helen: Did she like it there ?
Zorba: I am not sure but our ministry of tourism liked her departure and the season worked better.
Helen: No Zorba, was she so ugly ?
Zorba: No Helen, the previous season was.
Helen: Oh , come on zor, be more frank with me.
Zorba: How could I with no frank in my pocket and she is sending me messages asking for more franks.
Helen: But you got $$$$$$ in many accounts, do u deny the fact
Zorba: No, she denies facts.
Helen: Was she so romantic.
Zorba: I wish so because Roman tech is very original here like the Roman Theatre where festivals are made nowadays.
Helen: Pardon me zor I forgot that u’ve been to the Acropolos,Delfi,and so many archeological places in Greece.
Zorba: and I forgot to tell you that these became with such a woman like this in Arabic: Acro police , in dalfi , then she said to me : edlef
Helen: What does that mean ?
Zorba: a very private question to answer.
Helen: sorry, but I can guess.
Zorba: No please, don’t guess in Russian,
Helen:Y ?
Zorba: because what means in Arabic: our homeland means in Russian: prostitute
Helen: hahahahaha, kidding ?
Zorba:No of course, we say: Plady Plady , Lacky Hoppy Wa Fuaady…. Then we continue our national anthem.
Helen: hehehehehedeep
Zorba: then it will make a crisis between two nations out of misunderstanding. Look Helen, what does it sound in English that prostitute, I mean plady, doesn’t it speak bloody ? Then, for you;(laky), doesn’t it sound Lucky? And (hoppy) Which means my love, doesn’t it sound like (my hope) or even like the word itself in English; hoppy and at last all that can’t make me happy.
Helen: How disastrous to be multiculturalized ?
Zorba: So what can I speak to you before I knew that you improved your English a great deal ?
Helen: J
Helen: Let me translate your national anthem please ?
Zorba: prostitute, prostitute, you are lucky bloody hoppy…what else can be said now ? sheslive ?
Helen:heheheheheheeheheh deep !!! and what your sheslive sounds in other langs?
Zorba: She’s live or she’s living
Helen: Happily ?
Zorba: ya Happ ilek enti (lol)
Helen: I doubt it, happier than me ?
Zorba: Look Helen, in lang she speaks Arabic, French, UrduEnglish but in 6 th-e speaks Africano
Helen: (shy)
Zorba: do you mean tea
Helen: No T I mean need V and you make me shy.
Zorba: Nazdravia , tost helen
Helen: Got it ?
Zorba: both sides
Helen: bad thought zor
Zorba: just a minute, from the first moment saying zor (be tightly connected)
Helen: woooooooooooooooooooooo did I mean this in your lang
 Zorba: ya my Poza (addressing u with water+flower = iccream)
Helen: How fabulous to be your student J
Zorba: need more Vodka?
Helen: hehehe deep
Zorba: Deeper than Sameera nof ?
Helen: Hezdravia V J lol
Zorba: heleH V doesn’t match 101
Helen: pz don’t speak politics mow
Zorba:Pzk donet talk mowtsy tong
Helen: ZOR U r SPOILING the moment.
Zorba: AM HUMMM boiling tung hung lung ting hsyaw myaw beng UP to big bing till 6 oh clock click flick fluck in the more nung ning noong sing birds of song sing sing ting sling on trees ease till the sun shines in your eyes and melt the ice of Saybeerya ya poza.
Helen: keep keep …
Zorba: moramor more amir more amar mon a moon
Helen: fotka mo fatka Hakrafia spa seba saber ya my my my…..
Zorba: Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep lovin tru
Helen: UP to Max icoooo city leaving stalin lin lying behind.
Zorba: there they’re their fullowers. ?
Helen: off course , full hours , flowers, feel ours , fall hours, Fell ours , whatevers we’ll melt eachothers in the sun and keep it to the son of the future my love T.N.T
Zorba: means tea and tea ?J
Helen:How sweet , Honey , fooling me ?
Zorba:Ho, He, just falling you in the ocean to extinguish your fire.
Helen: You’ve done it baby.
Zorba: How could it be in one night !
Helen:don’t trick me in multilingo you are my knight in night And the baby to the right Mr. Right of the site when the light might be off off Ve off an a little bit off
Zorba: a gain off course ?
Helen: Stupid who left you to the course
Zorba: How did you know about that frog ?
Helen: Usually frogs leave the river to the land but how they land out their land that is the question.
Zorba: I ask u how did u know her nick name
Helen: A slip click on one of your mails to a friend.
Zorba: I C , hers reminds U of Hitler and mine of the Nazi
Helen: Unexpectedly.
Zorba: by the way, did u c Tru ?
Helen: long time ago He
Zorba: am too worried about her.
Helen: Tru taught me En. Also
Zorba: All saw what ? kidding.
Zorba: The same as Trotsky, he spent more to teach and build and write and think an everlasting revolutionary.then……
Helen: Do u still think of coming to Moscow ?
Zorba: As you like, though wanna C more comrades there.
Helen: and me Ma T.
Zorba: Very eager t maa ma tti
Helen: what?
Zorba: mean taking off all the feathers from a bird’s wings
Helen: Got it, then you build instead wings of an airoplane.
Zorba:No , an air flet
Helen:Evil zorba. Am sure your adopted frog fleed from evil to Evil tower without knowing the difference.
Zorba: No darling, she learned the difference in currencies first then insisted that my $ s are better for her to serve as franko.
Helen: zorba, speak the truth, weren’t you making fun of her ?
Zorba: How could I or could ( Ebby) if she is from BELLADY Or BALLADI ( stupidity(.
Helen: but can you deny that you were involved in something.
Zorba: Her chances still wider than you imagine. CAUSE this world is full of fools and idiots and gays and what you couldn’t imagine to be from nature to creatures. A male frog should be hidden somewhere or under wear and everywhere what he likes to wear even wirelessly.
Helen: I C
Zorba: I C U
Zorba: look H. she can’t read well so how can she be an editor?
Helen: Oh dear, really, can she be an editor !
Zorba: Stop it H.
Helen: HOW ?
Zorba timed off and is removed from the screen.
-Notes: the letter H in English is read as N in Russian. So when we want to
say: ne (no) we write it; He

Chat Room 50’s ( Part 3)
In Private Room
Gina 39:Hi Zorba, Thanks for sending me some of your new writings, a nice greeting card of your choice, and the pics. I couldn't open the attachment, please tell me how!
Zorba: I’d like to thank you also for involving me in the process of writing, for a long time passed away without motivating me to sit to my table to find a way in writing. As concerning the attachment, it may never be opened if your pc is not Arabic enabled, I think, though it could be opened but not understood or read without a translator .It was my mistake to attach such a document. But it happened as a kind of documentation to be left in my sincere friend’s hands.
Gina 39: I C
Zorba: How is your little daughter, is she doing fine?
Gina 39: She is insisting that she should go to school, she is still under age to join school. with her sister and brother.
Zorba: She’s her mother like, isn’t she?
Gina 39: Thanks dear friend, but really sometimes I get sad of bearing their responsibility alone. Their father comes to see them once a week and I have to serve their needs daily. Anyhow, I am happy with them. The same as you are happy or were happy with your secretary.
Zorba: DEAR great Gina, you won't understand me objectively, though I will explain my burden, mean heavy burden as a Palestinian by origin. I was brought up as a very serious and responsible man. More to be said to you in the future related to that girl. Please I feel very sad when you mention her. I was deceived in one way or another many times as an outcome of my kindness and …forgiveness. Moreover, you are a writer, dear Gina, and you can appreciate how a dedicated person to his writing and to a cause may be a subject of playing tricks on him since he projects his imagination on people as they should have to be not as they are really what they are indeed.
Gina 39: How old was she?
Zorba: 31
Gina 39: with no previous marriage nor children, of course!
Zorba: What do you intend to say?
Gina 39: Already said, just remembering the start of our E-Mail friendship.
Zorba: Do you mean waiting my transfer to room 50 while I met you for the first time in room 40 till your separation settle or your intermingled finance affairs could be solved with your ex-husband my dear?
Gina 39: ZORBA, you once permitted that girl to insult me while she was pretending to be your nurse, then no one of you both apologized. You forgot yourself fighting in the main chat room whereas I was waiting in room 40, and every time I give you a chance, since I don't expect perfection in people whom I meet, but I believe they could change. Did you really try to change? On the contrary you started another relation with the 27 Russian girl. You volunteered to serve as a teacher of English for her. Why should you do so? Have a lot of time to waste? Actually you wasted your life and your family by thinking you are serving your cause. And what else, you are intending to waste my friend? The rest of your life? JUST to be fair and honest with you and the rush of your mails in my inbox. By the way, I never doubted that you are a great man. But you have to know how to live your own life without drinking and without smoking. You don't pay attention to those who are taking care of you and you are digging your end with your own hands and may be approaching even cancer, not to say death. WHY Zorba?
Zorba: Look dear Gina, when I first read you saying, "I am a country girl", and when I read Helen’s broken English, I don't know why something dead inside me abruptly came to life. The same feeling sprang into my heart while chatting. As for my sufferings you both don't know about, though you may imagine to some extent how a Palestinian deprived from visiting his homeland is subjected to be tortured even in the Arab countries as if he were the Jew of his time. The first time I left the West Bank to Kuwait, I was 7years old to leave it after the Gulf War with 2daughters and a son, and aging 40 years of exile, which will continue for more 10 years in Jordan. Now, I got 50 With no wife and deprived from my children and from work. What do you expect me to do in such circumstances?
Gina 39: Don’t give justifications Zorba. You have the will since you spent about 30 years in the desert. You are well qualified to find a suitable job. But your left wing thoughts make it difficult for others to bear you while you are trying to restore communism back when its own people deserted it and the U.S.S.R collapsed. I know many Palestinians leading a successful life even here in California. What do they have more qualifications than you do? Unless you are intending to destroy what remained of hope and friends around you.
Zorba: So, you don't know about discrimination, oppression and depression we are subjected to in what is called the Arab World Gina?
Gina 39: Even so, do you expect better life in Russia then?
Zorba: I didn't think of that yet, but I long for the ideas and time of the previous comrades whatever the negative side of that time was. This is what motivated my deep passion toward a Russian 27 years girl.
Gina 39: Don’t deceive yourself and the girl with you. Didn’t you meet her in an American site seeking friendship and location in the U.S.A.?
Zorba: Exactly you got the point Gina.That's why we became friends am convinced that Helen will achieve some of her aims in her own country without taking the risk to relocate. She learned and improved good English nowadays and rarely you can see her in that site as we are now.
Gina 39: But you still exchange mails without the aid of the site. I hope you both to improve this relation and relocate in Moscow or in Amman. At least there is only 2 hours difference of time not ten. Zorba, I have to leave right now to pick up my son from school. It is better that you find your bed after this chat and take rest since it is after midnight in your time now, bye
Zorba: Bye Gina, take care.
Gina 39 logged off and her name was removed from the screen.
Zorba left private room and entered Room 30
Chat Room 50’s (Part 4)
Helen 27:CKPbITbIM Zorba ???
Zorba: Hi Helen,
Helen 27:Cbaciba Zorba CKPbITbIM?
Zorba: Are you teaching me Russian Helen?
Helen 27: DA
Zorba: It is my fault not to improve my Russian lang.
Helen 27: Homep, it is mine.
Zorba: Do you feel BIHOBHbIN (guilty)?
Helen: Homep, but I should learn Palactini, and teach u russian
Zorba: TEPEPb, wt do you mean by CKPbITbIM?
Helen 27: Hidden in private Rooooooooooooooom !! with whoooooom ?
Zorba: A WILD CAT HELEN ! you saw my name but didn’t find me.
Helen: You did not respond to my double click ?
Zorba: If I noticed that I should respond, did u call me?
Helen 27: tell me who she was
Zorba: A friend
Helen 27: f/m?
Zorba: f
Helen 27: Cheating?
Zorba: Homep
Helen 27: DA DA cheating me with a female
Zorba:  بلاش تـصــيـري مجنونة  
Helen 27:Arabi Lang !! when I check u cheating ?
Zorba: am saying don’t get mad and crazy
Helen 27: am still young Y get mad
Zorba: am already mad about you and crazy to chat with your age
Helen 27: ?
Zorba: A kiss ?
Helen 27: Homep
Ninna: Hey Z, no kisses in public rooms ?
Zorba: Hi Ninna
Ninna: Hi Helen, u speak Russian to hide secrets
Helen: Hi Ninna, SPASPA (ty)
_______________________________Curtain Curtain
Written during 24 hours of earth time by a buried writer who spent 9 years in J.
All rights reserved to the writer
Originality Movement –Regional Branch- Amman/Jordan—Telfax:+962 6 5163612


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